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Unleashing your high-converting voice is key to running your business with more pleasure. Your flow, alignment, and time.  Run your business with more pleasure, can anything feel better?

I operate under the belief that unleashing your high-converting voice is         to running your business with more pleasure. 

It’s simple. 



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Figuring out how to say what you want to say with clarity and confidence makes everything flow. We pride ourselves on helping our clients find their “word flow” so they can show up as they are and say what they mean with ease. 

Your messaging is key to attracting clients you actually want to work with. Collaborating with other unstoppable women who get what you’re all about? Count me in. 

Writing copy takes grueling hours and outsourcing to a copywriter allows you to stay in your zone of genius. There are few things more pleasure-led than focusing on things you’re brilliant at — and not wasting your time on tasks that are simply not your thing!

Your flow, alignment, and time.
Is there anything that feels better? 


meet polina

I’m obsessed with unexpected stories. 

I dove into entrepreneurship right after college because I realized that my story didn’t have to be a certain way — it could shatter expectations and take eye-opening turns that I’ve never seen coming. 

My story took me all the way from the middle of New York City to the small beach town of Cabarete on the north coast of the Dominican Republic where I now live with my husband in a tiny cabin covered with grape vines and spend my days helping other women entrepreneurs unleash their voices and elevate their businesses + lives. 

Where is your story going to take you?
unleash my story
copywriter + CEO

Things I value


Favorite way to waste a day

Creativity, going against the grain, freedom-based life

Cabarete, New York City, Moscow 

An early morning surf session, followed by a big breakfast and a good novel in bed.

Making a difference in real girls' lives

A part of all project proceeds are donated to the Mariposa Foundation DR, a non-profit organization in Cabarete, Dominican Republic committed to creating sustainable solutions to end generational poverty by educating and empowering young girls.

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